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FOCS3 Another 8.8zd Download – Fight Of Characters 8.8zd

Fight Of Characters 8.8zd, FOC 8.8zd, FOCS3 Another 8.8zd(Asia).
Pick one of the character from various manga and anime. Fight with all your skill in the hero arena.

FOCS3 Another 8.8zd(Asia).w3x (7 MB)

Map Title :
Map Category : Hero Arena

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  1. Myth

    I believe that a good serious idea to put the improvements or the changes that they did to every update please 😀

  2. phpname

    The creater of the map please pm with me

  3. animecraze xD

    Love the changes in the game 🙂 n love the facts that Ulquiorra is finally in the level of CLaire n Ichigo although i prefer claire is the strongest, next is ulquiorra because in 1v1 ichigo to get powerful takes long where as Claire can be unstoppale, ulquiorra takes a bit longer but with his powers he can get very very strong n ichigo well if he has a friend with him, the winner is already decided xD n btw ULquiorra n ichigo is the best combo in this game ever!! 😀

  4. phpname

    Can u make the ulquiorra more stronger and the cero can stun and also hit surrounding unit

    and please him teleport while attacking people when he transform like ichigo because even he attack really fast…but still cant hit ichigo when he using he ultimate attack

  5. WEW


  6. WEW


  7. tayyaba

    this map is unbelievable

  8. tayyaba


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