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Castle Fight v1.14 Download

Castle Fight v1.14 Download Direct

This patch fixes the map for v1.24 and introduces a new intersting game mode “Tech Mode” where you have to tech before you can buy higher tier buildings. This could get an often played gamemode, it is kind of interesting. However, note that AI fails in this gamemode since it doesn’t tech.

-The game now works with v1.24
-Balance is now enabled by default
-New gamemode: Income Timer (-itXXX): You can set the income timer to an amount between 2 and 120 seconds (standard is 10). Note that altering the income timer will seriously shift the balance between unit bounty and income.
-Reworked chilling mushroom. It is now a direct damage + stun spell against air only. It’s more expensive now, but should be a good option for northern spending its wood
-The map now uses one hashing spell handler instead of one for each spell type. This should speed up the map in lategame.
-New gamemode: Tech Mode (-te): Buildings are divided into tier0,1,2,3. You need to buy a tech in your worker build buildings of higher techs.
-The ugly forest in the middle was replaced by a more beautiful one.
-Map uses a more sophisticated protection now. Will avoid some fakes hopefully

-Fill will now fill only 5 players instead of six
-mp mode is no longer able to give 6 players which leaded to bugs
-Hydra is immune and has spell reduction like other legendaries now
-Silver Glade should no longer target buildings hit by a frost launcher
-Fixed the “Not enough food” message
-Infernal’s immolation is now able to now hit mechanical units
-Corrupted builder now has the same sight range like all other builders
-Starfall will now make the area visible in FoW making it do damage to enemies
-Lightning orb is no longer undroppable when in cooldown
-Incubus should no longer be able to overtake legendary units
-Observers should no longer give gold to other players when leaving the game
-Fixed that not every unit was trained with hotkey ‘Q’ leading to some collisions with building upgrades
-Legendary buildings have the legend text now displayed in their tooltip again
-Rewrote the unit storage and random picking system which should fix some errors like erasor not erasing all enemies

-Increased splashdamage and range on ancient hydra and its splash now also targets air units
-Anti Air tower’s air attack was buffed
-Human tower buffed
-Red Dragon’s splash damage was reduced from 66%,33% to 50%, 25%
-Reduced starting mana of nether and shadow drake by 25
-Increased range of Marksman and made it a bit slower, increased damage against air
-Increased Rocket Tank’s rocket damage by 10
-Decreased Volcano’s damage to buildings by 33% (the damage reduction to buildings is now stated in its tooltip)
-Buffed Veteran Grunt’s and Axemaster’s HP slightly
-Increased OoW’s spell damage reduction by 5%
-Reduced Frost Launcher’s lumber cost by 75 but increased Greater Frost Launcher’s lumbercost by the same amount
-Reduced Banshee’s hitpoints by 10
-Domination income gain was reduced to 15%. Maybe it is playable now. There could be better fixes, but I didn’t have time to think of something better.
-Reduced legendary spell reduction by 5%
-Trippled the lifetime of repair goblins
-Legendary unit buildings now need (accumulated price / 2) lumber
-Fixed the button positions of some buildings
-Increased Blast Staff’s lumbercost by 100 to make it compareable to towers

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