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Creeps Unite! v1.04

The Humans are going to wipe out the forest, including the creeps inside. The creeps form a force named Forest Creeps to fight and repel the humans. Both sides are struggling. Who will win?

— Quick 1v1 Game (<60 minutes) -- Unique Heroes with their own themes and roles -- Some never-before-seen spells -- Two lanes of pushing and killing -- Two unique Gamemodes: Hero mode and Guardian mode -- Use of lumber to buy items -- Hire creeps with unique abilities -- No AI. Features no AI BY THE WAY This map is unprotected. You may open it for educational purposes ONLY. If you hijack it that means you\'re a selfish greedy pig! lol Credit goes to me, the maker : valentin_dnl_r@yahoo.co.id Email me for questions or anything you want.

(2)Creeps Unite! v1.07 publ.w3x (705 KB)

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