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DotA 6.74c is Released!

DotA 6.74c is finally released! For Warcraft Map lover, you can also check the DotA 6.74c 6v6, DotA IMBA 3.81 EN, Divide & Fight v2.03d and Fight Of Characters 8.8Fn2.

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  1. testnam

    sad to say, your updates in this site is slow, you posted about this map 5 days later than the original date.

    if i were you, upload on the same date, so people will actually visit this site frequently.

  2. admin

    Not really, the DotA 6.74c map itself already uploaded as soon as the map is released. This post is kinda like the newsletter version which also pointed other warcraft map updates 🙂

  3. asdas

  4. kingofpain

    this a great site, i wish there are more fun ai maps such as IMBA AI, OMG AI, LOD AI, 🙂

  5. KlssMe


  6. KlssMe

    thanks for sharing

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