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DotA 6.81c Download

DotA 6.81c Download by IceFrog. Dota-Allstars 6.81c Map. Fix all previous bugs on the DotA 6.81b.

DotA v6.81c.w3x (7 MB)

Map Title :
Map Category : Hero Defense

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  1. mas piola

  2. piola

  3. sjdhiaueqwuhasjdhdnbxncvhafuytawyer tawyeiruy

  4. wew

  5. […] The Dota 6.81c map update will fix bugs under the former Dota 6.81b (listed here) which gave some major revamp that was already taken care by DOTA 2 implementation around mid 2nd quarter. If you guys are still playing on the Warcraft III version of Dota. do download the map from here. […]

  6. may bago bng hero sa 6.81c

  7. may bago bng hero sa 6.81c

  8. may bago bng hero sa 6.81c

  9. carlo

    pa laro

  10. Pj

    Ang panget po ng bagong skill ni tuskarr paki balik nalng sa dati. kaya d umuunlad dota .

  11. tang ina mo dami mong alam bobo ka naman mag dota king ina mong hinayupak ka!

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