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Dota-Allstars v6.68c AI Beta Download

Dota 6.68c AI Beta. Dota-Allstars v6.68c AI Beta Download.

DotA v6.68c AI Beta.w3x (7 MB)

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  1. Zatch

    eyyy men descargo tu mapa pero a la hora de entrar al dota y crearlo no aparece el mapa en la lista… arreglalo px xfa llevo esperando hace tiempo esta version AI xfa corrigelo…

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  3. indies


  4. Mau

    Thanks for the map!!!!!, i wait for it soooo loooong

  5. Mau

    Hey Zatch, el mapa no aparece como AI, aparece como un mapa 6.68 corriente, simplemente quita todos las versiones del 6.68 que tengas y deja el AI solo, luego en el juego simplemente selecciona el único 6.68 que aparezca.

  6. zjm

    new heroes need to be improved

  7. ??


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  9. Z3roX

    what is wrong whit this map i copy her but still cant find her anywhere in maps ?

  10. as


  11. Masuda

    nice map! Thanks for sharing…

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  13. it is nice to have this !!!Fun

  14. hehehe

  15. Any

    thx for the share by the way this map is saved as 6.68c in my warcraft

  16. faceless void

    nice dude!! thankzzzz to ya crew!!

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  18. man

    you rock…

  19. wla lbng

  20. BLISS

    THANK YOU>. SA WAKAS… PINAKAHIHINTAY ko… ^_^ hehehehehehe Thanks!! :* MWAGH!

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  22. In

    @Z3roX me too i cant find it in my maps folder!

  23. Dion Damsig


  24. †DragMe2HeLL†

    yeah same here… It took me awhile to figure out that this map is saved as Dota 6.68c with no AI beta on it… just so you know

  25. asdasd

    why dont you make 6.69AI map?

  26. Hein thu

    I like BUTCHER

  27. Hein thu.Hein si thu soe

    How can I download 6.69 AI map download??

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  29. OLOLO!

  30. oppss

    oh what’s happening.?

  31. Strygwyr

    @In : yeah.. U right..!! U can’t find in your maps folder…!! but, The map name is still 6.68c..!! but.. when your play this map..!! U can see the version is 6.68c AI Beta…!! The problem.. just name in Maps folder.. The name of that map is still 6.68c but if U play it.. U can see The Version is 6.68c AI Beta..!!!

  32. DiEnd

    this map is full of bug.. try not to download it because this version is leaked.. this had been discussed in playdota forum..

  33. dog

    dogs fuck you.

  34. thanks for the map 😉

    Do something for someone else

  35. oaka myo


  36. rob

    yesz .. sa wakas ..sana may 6.69 ai naman

  37. rob

    i was there was 6/69AI very soon ..

  38. rob

    haLa parang parehas lang sa 68c walang nkalagay na ai pag nasa game na ..

  39. gumay

    thax a lot..

  40. jeff

    i cant find it in my map list if i open my dota.though i pasted it already in the downloads :/

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