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Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha 4 Map Download

Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha 4 Map Download.

DotA_Allstars_v6.61b_AI_PA4.w3x (3 MB)

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  1. plssss pno 2 DL hrap?

  2. kabag

    PUTANG INA kung saan saan dinadala walng kwentang site

  3. AHOK


  4. Zerowth

    what a noob ai. i want powerful ai.they dont defend once theirs towers are destroyed.

  5. leelotau

    Easiest Ai i ever play, dunno how to gang bang, dunno how to defense, and buy crap item..Not to mention they suck at last hit… 25 mins game 35 kills, finish game, Max level indicate that how suck is the AI lol… I dont think this version is ai+, Use to play vs 5 insane, they dont look to have bonus gold or level.. Please make it more challenging because human doesnt give me challenge

  6. hi that’s a good version there is some bugs in here goddammed bane elemental……………………

  7. kazuki_moi

    this ai is for noobs and weak only

    theres no challenge in here

  8. sensui

    figure it out how get a can-do attitudes…
    seek for it….and U’ll find the answers….
    depends on ur sincerely….regret if U cant….

    crusader…class zero…none can challenge….

  9. ccccccccccc0

  10. gu

    kod thank ley

  11. ngek. galing nyong magdadakdak, bakit hindi kaya kau ang gumawa ng sarili nyong AI?? nang maintindihan kung gaano kahirap ang paggagawa nito? Puro kau reklamo.. ang bubulok nyo naman!! X-|

  12. Glen

    thx guyz for the maps… i like it.

  13. weak??dont work

  14. oni


  15. ang galing

  16. zer0

    why map is to big?

  17. alexa

    thnx wow

  18. kan htue

    why can’t I play the dota-allstars v6.64
    the massage box that says the map is too big
    what should i do ?

  19. weeee

  20. betabetbet

    thik but cant fig out

  21. imba arrow kaung lht

  22. thamkx

  23. bumnga ptay

  24. jron

    😀 MerON ba JaN cr8er NG aI Map SANA Cr8 Kau NMAn MaAyos lagi bugger:D

  25. kong

    this ai map 6.61 is shit, when you attack their tower on far left or right no ai in their base, no ai cameback to defend, so easy to win…..play 6.59 ai+ map more challenging…..

  26. ok na 2 kesa wala

  27. iman

    tankas a luat

  28. wtf

    damn!! don’t you guys know how to write proper english?!?!?! quit playing dota even for just once in a while… go to school!!!!


  29. wtf

    “the massage box”
    “This Ai is just for week….”
    “when you attack their tower on far left or right no ai in their base, no ai cameback to defend”
    “..and there a bug in atropos and if u play -wtf mode if u have a linken and manta then if u click manta consecutive there gonna pop up rune..fuck…” -I say you go fuck yourself

    Pacquiao is way better than you guys in speaking English

  30. Holy Great Map

  31. mahal ko pa ang dota kays agirlfriend ko……

  32. PPP

    THX ^^

  33. zloy

    ? ???? ??? ??????????? ?????? ?? ????????)

  34. jajaja esta pagina si q vale nenes…. ta chucha bien echo

  35. lilsaint

    ang weak ng gnawa mo gago ka

  36. stefanceros

    can I play ani AI maps on pach 1.24c

  37. akkkkkkkkk!!!!!

  38. tangina mo

  39. mga bullshit!!! MGA MURIt!!! BONUS LANG KAYO.
    MAGDALA!!!! BALBAL!!!!

  40. eh mga potang ina kayuh walang kwentang mapa 2!!

    3 ai sa isang lane bulok suntukan na lang!!!

    punta ka sa palawan!!!

  41. alesana

    bulok// 1 on 5.. rampange. 10 mins 43kills.. tapos kagad!


  43. This game is soo boaring

  44. this game id noy nice freakz!

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