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Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha Map Download

Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha Map Download. The initial release AI for Dota 6.61b AI. Check the updates on Dota 6.61b AI post or Dota 6.61 AI post.

DotA_Allstars_v6.61b_AI_PA1.w3x (3 MB)

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  1. suck …

  2. Valandil

    ok buen post gracis si puedes pon todos los ai

  3. Shushu

    i agree, IA are so Stupid … maybe try to UP IA … , oh no, don’t try it, just do it !

  4. Vuthy

    It’s so easy to play!

  5. this 6.61 ai totally suck

    i hope u could made this wonderful

    u suck
    thank u!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Goodboy

    This Ai map is a real ai map that map my dota company?

  7. earlrae

    kyo na nga nkaLbre dwnLoad kyo pa may ganang mgrekLamo? tibay ng mga muka nyo mga ungas!

  8. mga gago ang aangas nyu mag salita feeling nyu ang gagaling nyu gumawa ng map
    eh kung kayu kya gumawa ng sarili nyung map ha

    mga gago ang yayabng nyu

  9. God_Like

    cheers to those who tried to port.. nice effort.. its better to contribute rather than just saying fucking wordss n stop complaining whining bitchin pimpin!

  10. The Dota God

    Last post is right, quit bitchin’ on this site. If you’re so damn good, why not make one yourselves? Learn some manners! Just go cry to your mama and suck her titties, you babies!

    Thanks to the maker of this map whoever you are, don’t let these babies get you down just because their egos are larger than their dicks and their mouths are larger than their brains!

  11. huhuhu

    learn to read imbeciles
    Here is some problem about this map:
    * AI can’t choose heroes due to changed taverns
    * AllRandom is the only playable gamemode because of this
    * AI can’t buy the correct items to due changed item shops
    * AI buying random items (Orb of Darkness, 2xBarracks) because of this
    * Everyone except the player started @lvl2 -_-”
    * All ranged heroes having the same animation (Warlock’s)
    * Sometimes there’s fatal error (i haven’t found it yet)

  12. ReetZ



  13. preciso muito desse download por favo..

  14. ._.

    hey u all lol stop criticising him bitches.nobodo ask u to dl dis map..or u tink u can do better ar

  15. kk

    this map is sick

  16. hitsugaya_issor

    Thanks for the map…Was looking forward for this map…Anyways, don’t listen to losers..Winks..Thumbs up! Hope to see more from ya.

  17. Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha Map Download

  18. joeeee


  19. blind

    oo mga tang ina kayo.. ang hirap hirap kaya gumawa ng Ai script tapos nag rereklamo kayo?? anyways.. nice map.. i really practiced my item build in this thing.. as much as i can do.. i will try to help making a much better ai script for this..

  20. MasTer M!nD

    Well it just 4 fun NO B.D

  21. OMG!

    WTF ALIEN LANGUAGE ARE YOU FUCKING TALKING ABOUT! i only understand the last word that you say and its ” crap nonsense and annoying”

    thanks for the effort to make the ai map. .appreciate it even-though it’s not that perfect we still manage to practice some new hero skill.hope to see a better and challenging Ai map’s for this version in the mare future. keep on the hard work. Wink*


    Thanks for the maps :-*



  23. Suck…. But CooL… hahak

  24. sasasasa

  25. ganda mo

  26. Red Sparks

    ganeh man..madownload nlg ganeh kmoh,..mareklamo pa kamo…wehhh!!!!!…intindihin niyo nga…

  27. i am so sick with my dota maps

  28. yea man, i dd like it

  29. jugoms69

    pa CHUR mo oi….

    ….sagpa…..NGABIL….ninyo… DUgo2x….YAN…

    in english!….


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