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DotA v6.70c OMG AI v0.4 Download

DotA v6.70c OMG AI v0.4 Download
A DotA map but with the freedom to pick 4 skill from the available skill pool.

DotA v6.70c OMG AI v0.4.w3x (7 MB)

Map Title :
Map Category : Hero Defense

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  1. yosep

    i dont know the mode
    can you tell me the mode?

  2. reno

    what’s the mode for the shuffling skills? -ad and ra don’t work

  3. reno-try ap..

  4. Maulana

    -ad (ability draft)
    and there’s some random ability that I forget the mode . .

  5. Diego

    Those commands does not work.
    I do not know how to put the skills

  6. BIT24

    Random Draft
    type -ra with other game modes. Examples: -ardmra (random heroes, random skills and death match)

    Abilities Draft
    Type -ad with other game modes.

  7. myL

    maybe this can :
    random heroes, abilities draft, and the -ds mode… (mm, i’m forget)
    that’s usually used in many OMG gaming..

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