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Dota v6.72f AI 1.1 Download

Dota 6.72f AI 1.1 by PBMN. Dota-Allstars v6.72f 1.1 AI Plus Download.

DotA v6.72f AI 1.1.w3x (7 MB)

Map Title :
Map Category : Hero Defense

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  1. Chill Star

    i got bug which says
    Critical error
    send this replay 2 icefrog@mail.com

  2. Chill Star

    sum thing like dat

  3. infinitehopelessness

    Yeah i understand downloading this map can be misleading. if you searched on GOOGLE: “latest dota ai map”, the top search should be ‘http://www.dota-blog.com/’. There is no download link on that page. There is a link though that says ‘DotA 6.72f AI 1.1 released!’ w/d will lead you to ‘http://www.dota-blog.com/2011/11/dota-672f-ai-11-download-nightmare.html’. On that page you will see:
    DotA 6.72f AI 1.1 via GameWebZ
    DotA 6.72f AI 1.1 via FileSonic
    i clicked on the first one w/c lead me to this page here. so yeah i understand the confusion.
    RIGHT ON TOP you will see “DotA v6.72f AI 1.1.w3x (7 MB)” to download.

  4. infinitehopelessness

    or click here


  5. bilatinah nyu mga ubub

  6. i love you Lester

    galing naman ng ai… sana me ai din na lester dito…

  7. jigar


  8. Tangina nYo ang BOBO yayabang pang mga GAGO!

    GG ng GG .. LOL ng LOL .. mga GAGO! ..
    epunin nyo BAON nyo mkktayo pakau nang BAHAY MGA ULOL!

  9. pede padownload nung dota 2?plsssss,,,,, luv u all!!!!!!!!

  10. LordofLies

    tae nyo

  11. razzor

    i´m the king ok dota babies shut da fuck of

  12. That is Nice Map. 🙂

  13. you dont know how to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mga salita lang mga to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. tats


  15. soroush

    salam khobit heche dolwod nakardam ena dorogho an

  16. varygoooood allstar

  17. ^_^

    parepareho kyong mga bobo wg nah kaung mg dota!!!!

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