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DotA v6.74c AI 1.3 Download

DotA v6.74c AI 1.3 by PBMN. Dota-Allstars v6.74c AI 1.3 AI Plus Download. Play DotA map with AI player and train your skill here!

DotA v6.74c AI 1.3.w3x (7 MB)

Map Title :
Map Category : Hero Defense

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  1. kawatan20

    AT LAST!!!!!!!!

  2. a_r_s_e_n_a_l_1

    thank you :)

  3. Shujinkoo


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  5. spik23

    Nice, thank you!


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  8. Yay!

    Yay! thanks! =)

  9. rmml74

    al fin despues de esperar tanto

  10. oh yea ! Tnanks :D

    oh yea ! Tnanks 😀

  11. ty

  12. frost

    I want AI to buy courier and share other. 😛
    And ob too. 😀

  13. drew

    i just encountered a critical error…..T_T whats the cause i didnt exp it in the last 6.72f ai

  14. taherveng


  15. vahid

    thanks ..but this game fucked me!!!!!!

  16. hay its takes so long!! grabi!!!

  17. Raven Nightshade

    are this map really funtion?

  18. rock baby rock

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah shit

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  20. sasy_silent

    thnks for this map

  21. waa … yay !!! at last … ai …..

  22. rampage!!!!
    thanks.lets try it

  23. nerve cell


  24. Allan

    Nervermore: Ultimate with BUG, in version 1,3 correct plz


  25. LOVE IT!!!!



  27. Eki

    tnx :)

  28. meee

    tnx alot:)

  29. caloy


  30. leon

    adoooiii…so shiiit

  31. saeid Of Iran

    hi tanks its very god dametgarm

  32. Thank You ALOT

  33. macha

    why this map cannot play in 1.24e….

  34. nicco

    the requiem of shadow fiend is not working..please fix this problem

  35. nevermore

    your soul is mine thank you

  36. admin

    i will delete this threat 2 hour .From now

  37. warlock

    map baru itu stiap bberapa bulan skali?

  38. a

    fuck yeah

  39. jumbex

    nice .. 😀

  40. DGF

    yun lng nman parin bobo ang a.i hahaha ..~~ fakshet -.-

  41. thank u thank u thank u!!!!!

  42. dellan

    😀 thanks

  43. age gamer

    i just downloaded

  44. Thank

  45. guest

    very nice a new dota A.i Map keep up the good work God Bless You all.

  46. frankenstein

    this map has duplicate bug… epic fail!! …

  47. at last we have an ai map its gonna be epic

  48. damn i cant seem 2 download faaaaaakkkkkkkkk

  49. Tin_Man

    COOOOOLLL…. super like..

  50. SOS

    fuck your site

  51. Chaz Ü

    haha pwede narin

  52. wow lupet

  53. imaba putang ina gago pekpek kupal dede betlog

  54. putang ina nyo

    baho ng larong to

  55. DotA v6.74c AI 1.3 Download

  56. ™ wew galing talaga ng dota ™

    ™By:AmirXzheN HassaN WeW™

  57. wow ang ganda ng bago kai xa luma!!!!!!!!! astig at cyka col

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