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Element Tower Defense Review

Element TD Survivor fall into the Tower Defense category. You must build towers to avoid the enemies entering the out point. This map has 60 level of enemies. The first level is rather easy, but as the level goes up, the enemies become harder. You got several lifes at the start of the game. If an enemies past his way through the exit, you lifes reduced by one.

Unlike most Tower Defenses, Element TD has two major innovations that allow for a depth of strategy unseen in contemporary Tower Defense gameplay. Whereas traditional Warcraft 3 Tower Defenses overlook armor type and attack type, Element TD creates its own world wherein each invading horde and attacking tower has a specific corresponding element.

Using Tornado Tower to slow the enemy

Using Tornado Tower to slow the enemy

Each elemental armor takes additional damage from the element preceding it and retains near-invulnerability from the element following it. Consequently, each tower deals damage based on its attack element versus the armor element of the invading creeps.

The circle of elements goes as follows:
Light > Darkness > Water > Fire > Nature > Earth > Light…

The interesting part if this map is the elemental and the damage inflicted by each of it. There’s many kind of tower, depends on the elemental combination. This map can host until 8 player. You must think hard and place your tower carefully. Elemental TD is one of several maps that proffesionally handled. You can see Elemental TD offcial website in http://www.eletd.com. This map is offer great challenge to a player who love to think 🙂 Reviewz.

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