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FOC – Fight of Character Review

Fight of Character (FoC) is originally a custom map made by Korean people. And now the map is getting popular and the new version is still released one by one. In case you haven’t try it, FoC is split the player into 2 teams. Each player can choose a character (usually from anime) with their respective skills.

The character is vary, you can choose from Songoku (Dragon Ball), Luffy (One Piece), Ichigo (Bleach), Inuyasha (Inuyasha) or even Gaara (Naruto). The character skills is also similar from their origin. For example, Songoku can use Kamehame. After choose one character is the start of the game, then you can start fighting each other.

The biggest problem for this map is the language used. From my personal experience, the official original map of Fight of Character are on Korean. So the English version is a bit late. And when i try looking for the changelogs, all i find is Thailand words 🙁

But despite of those problems,  Fight of Character is getting bigger fans and player. The map also developing, give some balance and even add new character (in Dota-Allstars you call it hero). If you are Thailand player or Korean player, feel free to contact me to translate the changelogs. Way to go Fight of Character. Reviewz.

Latest Map:
Fight of Characters 8.0h (English)
Fight of Characters 8.0b (Official/Korean)

Map Title:

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  1. Bonzay

    Where can I get that map?
    Is there an english version?
    Thx ^^

  2. […] FOC – Fight of Character Review […]

  3. […] FOC – Fight of Character Review […]

  4. many lag and many bugs and fucking balance

  5. bobAffelonume

    block out on slew portrayal, indulge chilling-blooded one’s heels be dressed viagracontract to pass on bid.

  6. Hello.

    Its XRumer bot 🙂

    Anybody home?

  7. cheater

    cheats for FOC ver.G first type -empire (double space)
    after that heres a list of cheats

    -agi (number) – adds your agility
    -str (number) – adds your strenght
    -copy (number) – copies the thing that you select
    -gold (number) – adds your gold
    -lvl (number) – increases your level
    -kill – destroys anything you select even the towers
    -size (number) – changes the size of your character (max size is 1500)

  8. sakura72

    i like the picture! nico robin! i like one piece!

  9. Dota is a cool game…….I like it…

  10. inch

    how to increase the number of duel? could anyone tell me ?

  11. XxTreceZxX

    hey how can I play this with only me and a bot?….coz whenever I choose computer (insane) it doesnt move and doesnt pick a hero O_o…

  12. AJIH1996


  13. i like this map

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