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FOCS3 Another 8.7b Download – Fight Of Characters 8.7b

Fight Of Characters 8.7b, FOC 8.7b, FOCS3 Another 8.7b(Asia).

FOCS3 Another 8.7b(Asia).w3x (7 MB)

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  1. aliagha


  2. FightOfCharactersFans

    Walau,no weapon sells…

  3. oziaga

    abe nas?l yapcaz bunu bea xD

  4. proOfFOC

    Woots! Thx a lot! Spread this all over the world !! F5

  5. sakada

    i want to play this map

  6. THIS iS tHE GamE OF My LiFe!!,..

  7. Thanks to the creator of this FOC map in DOTA!

  8. ELAN

    y dont have “NATSU” in FAIRY TAIL?

  9. because you suck


  10. ChaKill

    why i can’t play it?
    it says “the map is too big”..
    does anyone knows the answer???

  11. shotokill

    you need to update your WOC3 to version 1.24 or the latest update..

  12. Jaki

    wah rame juga

  13. Jaki


  14. rob

    haLa may AI ba nito ?

  15. ko ye

    i cant play FOC.

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