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FOCS3 Another 8.8c Download – Fight Of Characters 8.8c

Fight Of Characters 8.8c, FOC 8.8c, FOCS3 Another 8.8c(Asia).

FOCS3 Another 8.8c(Asia).w3x (7 MB)

Map Title :
Map Category : Hero Arena

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  1. paul

    does this work on mac?

  2. is this good

  3. great-website-this-is

    nice, this is a great site, i was tired google translating for cafe.naver.com/focs, now i will come here for latest FOC maps, tnx!!!!!!!!!

  4. nah!

  5. aint good enough

  6. 8.9 please put more new character….im boring of those character already…..

  7. plzz cre8 a FOC ai map…

  8. asdasdasdasdasdasd

  9. roronoa zoro

    c’mon please create and release the foc ai map!!!!

  10. THanks 😀

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