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FOCS3 Another 9.1D01 Download – Fight Of Characters 9.1D01

Fight Of Characters 9.1D01 by none, FOC 9.1D01, FOCS3 Another 9.1D01(Asia). Pick one of the character from various manga and anime.

FOCS3 Another 9.1D01(Asia).w3x (7 MB)

Map Title :
Map Category : Hero Arena

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  1. Sai

    I do not see how grieving goes. It may make it somehow?

  2. lui

    it doesn’t have a duel system??? i pick infinite then classic mode.. and no duel system .. how can i get it to have duel???

  3. Make bots, please~

  4. brady

    these game is beutiful that can play by the children!

  5. A.D Akiyoshi

    I downloaded FOCS3 9.1D01 and moved the file to Map > Downloads, but when I run Warcraft III it didn’t show the map. Can anyone tell me what is the problem? It was fine when I downloaded the previous map.

  6. jok lang


  7. BlueWorld

    hmmm….u just open the download file and pull the file contain into ur folder . I guess u also can open extra folder for foc to get the file easier

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