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Midnight Assassins v1.00

You are going to pick a Ninja and kill all other Ninjas using your abilities and (human)skills.
The time is frozen at 00:00 AM (midnight) so your vision will be low at all times.
Speed and stealth are the keys to ownage here.

In 15 minutes you are going to roam around the landscape to search for your foes while staying alert.
Ambushing(and getting ambushed) is something that will happen very often here, so it\’ll be exciting.

Each Ninja has Wind Walk, Evasion, one out of three types of Ward, a method of scouting, and a method of killing.
Each Ninja is specialized in one of three aspects: Offense, Scout, or Trickery
Yes, as you might have guessed, there are three types of Ninja to pick from.

The Ninjas have 5 HP and 25 damage, which means this is a one-hit-kill type of game.
So… stealth is of the essence here….

Latest version: v1.00
I need Replays in: Warcraft3 TFT v1.21
My email (if needed): valentin_dnl_r@yahoo.co.id

(6)MidnightAssassins v1.00 publ.w3x (202 KB)

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