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Practice Your Pudge P v1.02 Map Download

Practice Your Pudge P v1.02 Map Download. A map for training meathook with Pudge.

Practice_Your_Pudge_P_v1.02.w3x (28 KB)

Map Title :
Map Category : Mini Game

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Practice Your Pudge P v1.02 Map Download

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  1. Azerus

    Any idead guys how to start the game ,it says oppoent requires but it has only 1 slot for the one who creates

  2. Spark_Angel_X

    start frozen throne game and instead of Local Area Network,select Single player.Then select custom game.now browse the map and start game .got it Azerus???

  3. thank you for MegaMap!
    possible do training gave lasthit for creeping? =)

    sorry my bad-english

  4. Dont_enter_969

    Ty for the map i really love playing pudge.

  5. Woow nice map ! Now I Practice with the pudge, Ty men!


  6. ?????????

  7. Pepo

    epic FAIL> You must have an opponent in orded to the start game.

  8. ctzn

    epic FAIL> You must have a brain in order to start the game.

  9. AnotherRandom

    You must play at single player.

  10. […] Here is the download link: Pudge Training Map […]

  11. ???? ????? ????? ???

  12. Lop

    Guys i cant get the map starting i tried single and local but i can’t. Any suggestions?

  13. JustAnotherRandom

    The game will not start in single player or nothing, i press start and the window closes and re opens and i can choose maps again…………… It’s friggin anoying i rly wanna try this map out, help please

  14. how

    what to click to download?!

  15. olsi

    I have the same problem as JustAnotherRandom .
    Please help.

  16. bds


    Can you please get (or convert maybe) this map to w3 patch 1.24 format? It seems that this map was done for 1.23 (or maybe earlier). So noone playing DotA 1.24 patch will not be able to play this map…

    Help please!

  17. o_o

    My 1.21b worked for the practice pudge and 1.24c worked for Potm so maybe you could try convert to them :/

  18. some person

    Hey i can’t play this map. I click start game and the window closes and opens again. Help please??!!???! I have version 1.24 of warcraft and i realize that might be the problem. does anyone have a different pudge map or a way to play this map on 1.24??? i really want to practice pudge because i try in pubs and everyone hates me haha. so help please ty!

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