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Storm Spirit Wars 1.02 Download

Storm Spirit Wars 1.02 Download

This new created map, is inspired by DotA’s hero – Storm Spirit. In this map, every player will pick a Storm Spirit element out of 5 elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Electy and Nature.Each of the element Storm Spirit has their own ”element area” respectively. When they enter their element area, they will recieve positive power. Example: For Fire Storm Spirit enter its element area will get immolation on its body and minor HP regeneration. So, if Fire Storm Spirit is inside its area fighting an other element Storm Spirit (eg. Earth Storm Spirit), the Fire Storm Spirit will have higher chance of winning because it has immolation and extra minor HP regeneration.

Other than that, each Storm Spirit element has their own special ability to be learnt. They can learn their ability by buying it at the ”Lor’ d Xamzo” shop. After you have bought, you have have one extra ability on your hero which is your special ability.

Nature – Overgrowth from DotA
Fire – Hellcall
Water – Whirlpool
Earth – Reverse Polarity from DotA
Electy – Thundergod’s Wrath from DotA

Water elemental Storm Spirit inside the Water element area/zone

Fire elemental Storm Spirit inside the Fire element area/zone

Special ability of Water element Storm Spirit - Whirlpool

Any problems, bugs and requests? Send an email to me at ZlolZchee@hotmail.com or you can also visit www.zlolzmaps.com for more info!

Storm Spirit Wars 1.02 [P].w3x (832 KB)

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Map Category : Mini Game

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