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Troll & Elves Cheats

Here are the cheats for theĀ Troll & Elves map. If you wanna add more cheats, feel free to leave comments.

Troll and Elves 3.9 v2 cheats
“-1337<space><space>” or “-addidas” or “-lIlIlIlIlI<space><space><space>”

Troll and Elves 3.8 cheats

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  1. guy

    it doesn’t work

  2. guy

    give more specified methods

  3. guy

    i got it i got the cheat!!!!! yey!

  4. joke haa

  5. if i try so@!!!!!

  6. fan

    it doesnt work … but already worked… and now doesnt work

  7. Rageman


  8. Ownage

    make a troll and elves 4.0 hacked map and ty for this codes They work šŸ™‚

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