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Warcraft is now a legendary game. Maybe it is a game that has many popular custom maps. Dota-Allstars, is a single custom Warcraft 3 map that has more than 1 million player in the world and considered to entering the World Game Competition. While waiting for the next release and Starcraft 2 release, these maps is still growing and capture many attention from the fans. Element TD and Fight of Character is another popular map.

This Warcraft blog is dedicated to give the latest news about Warcraft and its custom maps. Hopefully, this blog will have a place in your heart. Enjoy! ????


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  1. tamtong

    In my opinion,the Nortrom or silencer need to upgrade.Because its skill 1 is easy to break now.Otherwise,this hero is weak in many ways…So,please modify this hero again again and again…

  2. 5_IDIOTIC


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